Kix Education – Math and Science Tuition Centre
2016 June Holidays
Topical Math Revision Classes

For Secondary 1, 2, 3 and 4

Accolades From Students and Parents

Mr Adrian is an extraordinary teacher. Apart from making students master shortcuts and tricks, he guides all his students to be able to appreciate and even love mathematics. Thanks to him, my A-math has improved from F9 to A1 in the ‘O’ levels. The one year I have spent at Kix Education was truly memorable and fulfilling.

- Mohamed Rizwan S/O Sahabudeen, St Andrew’s Secondary School

PJ’s physics tuition has certainly helped me in preparing for my “O” Level physics paper. Firstly, PJ has a lot of resources for Physics such as past year papers which I use to improve on topics which I am weaker in. In addition, PF also recognizes the efforts his students by complimenting them when their grades for Physics have improved. Finally, PJ is strong in his Physics concepts and explains them in a patient and concise manner. I have definitely enjoyed PJ’s physics tuition throughout my one and a half years at Kix. Thank you PJ!

- Chua Tze Ren, Victoria Secondary School

2016 Class Schedules


Level Timing
Sec 1 Math Thursday 5.30-7pm
Sec 2 Math Monday 5.30-7pm
Sec 3 E Math Saturday 5-7pm
Sec 3 E Math (NA) Tuesday 4-5.30pm
Sec 3 A/E Math A Math: Friday 5.30-7.30pm
(+E Math: Friday 4-5.30pm)

A Math: Saturday 3-5pm
(+E Math: Saturday 1.30-3pm)
Sec 4 Emath Sunday 5-7pm
Sec 4 Emath (NA) Monday 4-5.30pm
Sec 4 A/E Math A Math: Saturday 10.30am-12.30pm
(+E Math: Saturday 9-10.30am)

A Math: Sunday 10.30am-12.30pm
(+E Math: Sunday 9-10.30am)
Sec 4 A/Math (NA) Sunday 2.30-3.30pm (Emath)
Sunday 3.30-5pm (Amath)
JC 1 H2 Math Sunday 12.30-2.30pm
JC 2 H2 Math Friday 7.30-9.30pm


Level Timing
Sec 1 Science Friday 5.15-6.45pm
Sec 2 Science Thursday 7-8.30pm
Sec 3 Physics Saturday 1-3pm
Sec 3 Chemistry Saturday 10am-12pm
Sec 3 Combined Science (Phy/Chem) Sunday 3-5pm
Sec 3 Combined Science (Phy/Chem) (NA) Sunday 5-7pm
Sec 4 Physics Thursday 5-7pm
Saturday 3-5pm
Sec 4 Chemistry Saturday 1-3pm
Sec 4 Combined Science (Phy/Chem) Saturday 10am-12pm
Sec 4 Combined Science (Phy/Chem) (NA) Tuesday 4.30-6.30pm

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About Us

The idea to create a solid institution of learning came in 2012, when the founders came together after years of personal tutoring. The individual students were benefiting, but more needed to be done to reach out to a larger student group.

From day one, Kix Education has never deviated from its main focus: To be subject specialists on Math and Science, and to inculcate the spirit of learning in our students.

Our resources are distilled from years of experience; our passion for the subjects and analogies used during teaching have left a deep impression on our students. Just ask them!

To date, many of our former students have done extremely well in Math, Physics and Chemistry, making great leaps in their grades. We welcome you to join our family, and aim for that distinction today!

Teaching Methodology

At Kix Education, we believe in progressive learning, hence we emphasize on laying a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced topics or questions. As we also believe that students are active participants of their own learning, we expose students to an learning environment where they learn to question, analyze, evaluate and reason for themselves. The following sums up our approach to teaching at Kix Education:

  • Concept Mastery

    Concepts are taught in a progressive process so that students have a strong foundation before moving to more advanced topics or questions.
  • Problem Solving Processes and Heuristics

    Students will be guided through solving processes and approaches to consider a problem. Students will be exposed to different solving techniques and are to consider and compare different approaches to solving the same question.
  • Reasoning and Questioning

    Students are encouraged to question concepts and idea, and play an active part in their learning
  • Regular Revision

    Regular revision will be given to help with information retention

Resources For Students